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Support the launch of our new country and coastal clothing brand; fresh, unique and British produced

As you may know, we are still at the very start of our (very exciting) journey, and in order for us to really get the ball rolling, we need your full support.

Our sweatshirts are currently only available to pre-order, as we need £20,000 to take our brand to full production, which we are doing by a crowdfunding campaign.

When you pledge to support us, we will offer a range of perks, our biggest includes being amongst the first to get our original sweatshirt (they only available to pre-order here, no where else). The RRP of theses are; £79.00 and for this one time only we are offering, 25% off RRP (£59) for the first 20 pledges of the required amount. After these have all gone, the sweatshirts will be back to their RRP, so be quick to get your discount! 

If you like us and our story but you can't afford the full price just yet, even just a donation would be greatly appreciated, we are of course offering other perks for your kind donations so please take a look at what we have available! 

Touch of Tweed support us pledging options


Even if we don't reach our overall goal, your contributions will make a huge difference..  Why is that, I hear you ask?  Because much of the global fashion industry is opaque, exploitative and environmentally damaging, as Ghandi said:

 '"There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it brings hunger and unhappiness'".   

We are different, we love fashion, people and the environment, and we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet. The people who make our clothes deserve to be celebrated, along with British manufacturing as a whole. 

You won't find us on your local high street or sat in a glitzy office. Yes you could buy a cheaper sweatshirt from others, but if you care about the origins and story of that sweatshirt, or indeed any item of your wardrobe, please join us in our campaign and help make a difference (and look pretty damn cool and trendy in the process!)  Who doesn't love a Touch of Tweed?!