Belt Size Guide

How to measure for the right sized belt:


Middle 3 holes Ladies dress size (UK) Mens Waist size (UK)
XS 30-32" 6-8 27-29"
S 33-35" 10 30-32"
M 36-38" 12 32-35"
L 39-41" 14-16 36-38"
XL 42-44" 16-18 38-41"
XXL 45- 47" 18-20 41-43"


Using a tape measure and an existing belt that you have at home, the most accurate and simplest way to find the perfect size is to measure from the end of the buckle to the most worn hole (usually evident by a crease in the leather).

Use this measurement to choose your belt based on the 'Middle three' column in the table above. 

All of our belts have 7 holes, all 1" apart, and we recommend best fit to be in the middle three holes giving you room to wear them at different points but for the rear tweed inlay to sit centralised. 


 If you aren't sure what to do then please drop us a message on Facebook (Touch of Tweed clothing) Instagram (@touchoftweed) or via email - and we will be happy to help.