Tweed with a twist?

Have you always loved tweed but wanted to wear it in a different way? We use a touch of brightly coloured herringbone tweed in our designs to give you that country and coastal look but with a pop of colour.

What makes us unique?

We strive in creating clothing that isn’t like any other brand. We use high quality, sustainable materials and combine them with elegant pops of tweed to give the garment something special.

Tweed can be, and has been used a lot – but I bet you haven’t seen it used like this before?


What makes us different?

Our products have been developed with the environment in mind. We think about our environment in many stages of our business from using organic and sustainable materials, having them handmade in the UK rather than outsourcing overseas and by using high quality materials that will wear well and last. Our products also lose minimal microfibres in the wash and being that they are organic fibres they are less harmful to the environment (did you know fibres from polyester and acrylic fabrics end up in the waterways and harm the wildlife and environment). We use 100% recyclable packaging and we even do our bit ourselves at home personally.

We are proud to do what we can.

Why choose a Touch of Tweed jumper?

  • Our jumpers are made from high quality, sustainable materials which mean the footprint of our garment is less than others.
  • Our products are designed and made in the UK meaning less air miles, it also means we know exactly who cuts the fabric, who sews the clothes and who quality checks them.
  • We support fellow small businesses with our own small business by buying materials, components and packaging from them.
  • Our jumpers wash well and released minimal fibres into the wash. As they are natural fibres, they are less harmful to the environment 
  • Our jumpers are unique and combine the styles of the coast and country like no other brand
  • You can trust that our products will last the test of time and will remain on trend. 

Why support a British brand:

By supporting a British Brand, you are supporting manufacturing in the UK. The UK has made clothes for a very long time, but so often, large high street brands outsource overseas to cut production times and increase profit margins. However, we manufacture our producers in the UK to support a family run factory and we are on hand and less than 3 hours away if there are any problems. They are handmade over a longer period of time with creative skill and care; our products use less air miles to reach you and we know exactly who made your clothes. We wouldn’t strive for any less and nor should you!

Where can you catch us this summer? 

If you would like to find out more about us or just to come and say hello please do come and see us at the Taunton Flower Show on Friday 2nd and Saturday 3rd August or the Dunster Show on Friday 16th August

We look forward to seeing you there!


Fancy a unique twist of tweed? View our debut collection here -