Supporting small businesses this Christmas


Christmas is coming! In fact it’s only 8 weeks away!

When trying to think of gifts for loved ones, getting the chance to go out shopping or preparing for the upcoming festivities can be quite stressful. However, it needn’t be like that, the lead up to the big day can be fun; if you are looking in the right places.

It can be easy to shop last minute in major shops and supermarkets, but with a bit more preparation and by digging a little deeper, you can find the most incredible, unique, handmade items, lovingly made by small businesses throughout the UK.

It is important to support our small businesses all year around but especially so during Christmas.  When you buy from a small business you are often receiving a more personal service, with more thought and love going into what you are receiving. With some small businesses being run by just one person, you could be making a huge difference to their business and by shopping from them, you’ll be putting a smile on their face too! 

How can you find these small businesses?

Get out and about to local or even bigger, further afield Christmas fairs and markets. As November and December rapidly approaches there will be a number of markets and fairs, whether there is one at your local school, or even in the larger cities there will always be small businesses attending.

If you are a gift hunter then online is also a good place to look, lots of small businesses have their own websites, with a few key searches through Google you can find a whole host of  wonderful gift options. Lots of small business are also part of sites such as Etsy, Not On The High Street and Folksy.


Keep it local:

Take the time to shop at your local High Street, when you really stop and take the time to look around there are quite often some truly magical shops selling the most beautiful items. Not only are you supporting small businesses but your local community also. Plus isn’t shopping locally much nicer than battling the Christmas crowds at a large shopping complex?

Keeping that entrepreneurial spirit alive:

Entrepreneurs and small business owner’s often sell bespoke pieces that are handmade with love and care so you really are buying truly unique products. This helps to keep those creatives creating and makes it all worthwhile.

Share the love and spread the world:

So you have found some great pieces from some great small businesses. Share your photos and thoughts on social media, leave a review, tell your friends about your new discovery and help others find this small business!

Will you be shopping with small businesses this Christmas?

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