Here to help with lock-down

As we come closer to the end of week two of lock-down, we are always looking to help others and keep things positive so we thought why not give you a few ideas of things to do during this period of isolation as tried and tested by ourselves here at Touch of Tweed HQ.

 1. Wrap up warm and get out in the fresh air:

As we are currently allowed out for daily exercise why not create yourself a new routine and get out for a walk or just some fresh air once a day. Wrap up warm, embrace the weather and watch the season change. You don’t need a dog to be your excuse to go out, grab that opportunity, and watch the birds fly, listen to the sounds of nature and feel the sun on your skin while it’s here.

2. Cuddle your pet:

If you can’t cuddle a loved one right now then give that favourite pet of yours some love. I am sure all of us from time to time need a pick me up and sometimes a good 'cutch', can be just the answer, so go on, I am sure they won’t mind.

3Take the time to chill:

Is there a box set you have been meaning to catch up on? A good book that’s caught your eye or you just wanted some down time. While now more than ever is a good time to allow yourself that time just to chill and do something for you.


4. Reflect:

Are there things that this period of isolation has made you reconsider? Perhaps you don’t need to buy so much food and have as much choice; you could live on a healthy yet simpler diet. Could you introduce daily exercise into your ‘normal’ routine, maybe it has made you appreciate friends and family more and you will make more time for them. Do you need to use the car so much or can you walk more places. Will you change your spending habits and maybe support your local and British producers more?

5. Use the time to think outside the box:

Have you always wanted to start your own business, perhaps blog or vlog more, read more, learn a new skill, start a new hobby, you may have more time now to start these things, get that high energy music on, some fresh air and let the creative juices flow.

Thank you for reading and please know that our virtual door is always open, we value our followers and customers and love nothing more than helping. For now though, stay safe and stay well