Getting out and about whatever the weather this season

With most of us experiencing a deluge of rain over the last month we thought it fitting to write a blog and encourage you all to get out and about as the weather needn’t be an excuse to stay indoors. Any season is the perfect season to take any opportunity to blow away the cobwebs along blustery coastal paths, or take a stroll through the rolling countryside, there is so much to take in.

There’s something truly magical about getting out in the fresh air. Whether it’s the clear crisp air, the breath-taking views or the smells of the great outdoors, any time is a wonderful time to go walking. After all, getting outside is great for general well-being, health, exercise and your mental health.

Part of the spirit is having the right quality, functional clothing (we can help there!) and equipment to withstand the weather, but the rest is love for the outdoors, endurance, and sheer willpower. 

Be prepared

Invest in some good quality waterproofs, wellies or walking boots. There are no such things as bad weather, only bad clothing

Discover the wildlife 

Deers, birds, frogs, the change in seasons can bring out a whole host of wildlife not to be missed

Puddle splashing and jumping

If you have kids, get those waterproofs and wellies out. I am sure they will love puddle jumping, even if you don’t have children, who doesn’t love a play about and being big kids! The bigger the puddle the better in our eyes!

Walking for health

Walking is free and is one of the easiest ways to help yourself stay healthy and active. Make walking a habit and build it into your weekly routine to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle no matter what your age.

Have fun

Unwind, let nature take away any worries or stresses, breathe in the fresh air, be in the moment and enjoy.

Make memories

Take photos of you and your loved ones or pets as you are out and about. Photos to look back on and remember a lovely day out. 


So, broaden those horizons and embrace the weather! You will feel better for it we promise. May your walks be filled with adventures, memories and happy times - I know ours certainly are!

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