10 ways you can live more sustainably

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We try to do our best in our business and personal lives by finding ways to live and produce more sustainably, which means using resources today in a way that maintains their supplies for the future.

Environmental sustainability doesn’t mean living without luxuries but rather being aware of your resource consumption and reducing unnecessary waste.

Here are our top ways of living more sustainably, how many do you do?

  1. Walk or cycle more – can you rely on the car less for shorter journeys or journeys taken on your own?  
  2. Use bags for life instead of one-use plastic bags. Why not keep a small, folded reusable bag in your handbag or coat pocket
  3. Green-fingered – why not have a go at growing your own fruit, veg or herbs? 
  4. Could you work from home to save on travelling?
  5. Could you go the extra mile with your household recycling and try to reuse and recycle as much as possible?
  6. Reusable flasks and water bottles – no need for one use plastic bottles or hot drink takeaway cups. Plus you can get a small discount if you use your own
  7. Eco – Bricks -a plastic bottle packed with used plastic to a set density. They serve as reusable building blocks. Ecobricks can be used to produce various items, including furniture, garden walls and other structures
  8. Turn off appliances and lights that you’re not using, install energy-efficient appliances, use a programmable thermostat that lowers or raises the temperature when you’re not home.
  9. Support sustainable brands, buy once and buy well.
  10. Staycation – holiday in the UK, travel abroad less

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